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Writing As Therapy

Mind Dump Writing

Set a timer for 15 minutes and just record whatever comes into your head. It might be words, sentences, drawings, scribbles. It doesn’t have to make sense, be spelled right or even look pretty. It might be nonsense, it doesn’t matter.
You might choose to look at your mind dump later, investigate some of the things you offloaded or choose to copy into a journal or to destroy it, or just leave it right there on paper…..anything is ok. 

Write a letter to yourself (This is best done when you are feeling well).
Write a letter to read when you are not feeling well and struggling to cope. Try to think of this as the positive, strong, well you, writing to the vulnerable and unwell you.
What would you say to the future you that’s feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of stress… some things you might mention are:-
A self help plan with things you like to do along with things not to do which you may have done in the past.Important phone numbers for reference.Personal strengths.Those you love.Your achievements.Tell yourself to be strong and positive, it will pass!
…anything you wish!

Write an honest letter to someone who has hurt you 
You will never send it so go for it! They will never read it but it’s so therapeutic to do. It’s also an effective way to process your emotions and help bring closure.
Looking after our mental health is something we often overlook. Taking the time to work on us, is so necessary, to understand ourselves and our thoughts and feelings. You will definitely benefit from doing this.

Write a letter to your Mental Illness
Tell it how you feel, put it in its place, it doesn’t control you or define you……tell it no more!
You are not your Mental Illness, you are you and so very much more.

Write about you
It can really help to write your story and everything that has happened to you. It helps you offload, put things in their place, helps you make sense of it all. It might be about your mental health journey, a traumatic event or upsetting memory. When you have got it all down, you might choose to write it as a story, a diary, in bullet points, maybe even a poem, anything is ok.You might make the decision to regularly read the story, or to file it away, you may choose to burn it and leave the memory in the past where it belongs. It is yours to do with what you wish.
Just remember this can be tough, be kind to you and if you are receiving therapy or waiting for therapy always seek guidance from a professional.

If possible, always keep a notepad with you to offload your thoughts, this is particularly useful at night time if you can’t sleep for thoughts whirling around. Also in the day you can write them down and address them later if necessary.
Mental Health Friends are not professionals, please always seek professional advice.

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