About Mental Health Friends

Our aim is to create communities that come together help and support each other 

Who We Are

Mental Health Friends is UK based and have people of all ages (16+) with Mental Health (including carers).
We believe in providing a holistic approach to individuals with mental ill health and those around them, to meet their recreational, self help and social needs. Mental health awareness and resources are important and MHF aims to ensure no one feels isolated or alone. 

What We Do

Mental Health Friends aims to help people build connections with others like themselves, creating a community who come together to help and support each other. 
We will be offering ongoing peer support groups, activities, events, complementary therapies, resources, talking therapies and the latest interventions and recommendations as they arise. Therefore allowing people to overcome barriers, feel more connected with their community and live a more fulfilled life.  
The group is user led and the events and activities will be decided based upon members suggestions. 
We aim to provide information about the types of mental health services in the UK and in our local area. 

We have been lucky to be awarded a grant from Barratt Homes, Tesco, Waitrose, Grand Union and the Brackley Mayor. 

By being together and not alone, we can find a place of belonging, understanding and friendship that only those who have been there can appreciate, through either lived experience or by caring for someone with mental health.

Mental Health Friends are not professionals but we have life experience.

What our members say