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Self-care Box

A self care box/kit is somewhere to keep items to help you in crisis and times of distress.

You could choose to carry a self-care kit with you in your bag/rucksack, car, laptop bag or anywhere you feel comfortable and is convenient and accessible to you.  However, you might  prefer to have a box at home. 

What to put in?

Crisis Card


Create a crisis plan to include in your box, with all your emergency contacts, to ensure you have all these to hand if needed.


It is important to include reminders in your crisis box too, get some cards and write on things that you need reminding of such as “this will pass” and the grounding techniques that work for you. Also include websites, crisis helplines and Facebook chat group links.

Something to make you smile

Something funny to make you smile, this could be an object or a reminder of a memory. Positive things you like about yourself, a list of things you have achieved.

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are very useful, make your own, affirmations that mean something to you, take a look at our article on affirmation cards.


Add in tissues for those times you need an emotional release and need to cry. 


Bubbles can be used as a breathing exercise, during a panic or anxiety attack, our breathing can become too fast or shallow, so you’ll need to breathe slower and deeper, which helps to regulate our breathing.

Collect items which have a positive effect on each of your senses:-

Include a mindfulness meditation practice reminder to focus on the senses too around you right now, this is  great at bringing you back to the here and now, allowing you to focus on the present.

Something to touch/feel

Soft fluffy socks, soft putty, blue tack, blanket, soft pillow, crystals, soft fluffy toy, fiddle toys (please see our article on fiddle toys), weighted blanket, acupressure ring or spinning rings, eye mask or face mask that’s cooling or warming. 

Something to hear

List of your favourite playlist, audio book, soothing music, meditation practice, a familiar voice recording, ear plugs, headphones.

Something to see

Photos, positive quotes, affirmation cards, favourite book, youtube link, vision board.

Something to taste

Sweets, chocolate, herbal tea, favourite food, nuts, dried fruit.

Something to smell

Essential oils, incense sticks/cones, candles, favourite perfume/aftershave, hand cream, body lotion, bath bomb.


Journal and Pens, gratitude journal, colouring book and pencils, jigsaw puzzle

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