Kindness Project

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Bee Kind Bee Happy

We encourage ‘random acts of kindness’ by providing cards and ideas to help brighten your day.

When we practise random acts of kindness we feel better and the recipients of our acts feel better, making them more likely to be kind to other people, creating a kinder, more positive, helpful and supportive community. Being kind shows you care. It helps us connect with others and promotes empathy and compassion. It is also known to enhance both physical and mental health and reduce stress. Being kind distracts us from our own problems, whatever they are. It makes the world a happier place, it’s contagious!


Please join us in spreading #beekindbeehappy kindness, Let’s make the world a kinder place, little things make a difference. Remember to post on our social media .



Enter our monthly competition to win a £10 amazon voucher!

What you can do

To be enterered into the competion please post a photo of your act of kindness on Instagram using the hashtag #BeeKindBeeHappy. Or, post on our facebook, @BeeKindBeeHappy.  Terms and conditions are linked here. 

The aim of the competition is to spread kindness and selfless acts among the people around us. It is the small things that make a huge impact on our lives. We at MHF believe that by doing something small- whether it is making a loved one a cup of tea or baking a friend a cake- you can improve lives and brighten days. 

What you win

At the end of each month we will be giving away a £10 gift card. The winner will also feature on our facebook page and website if they so wish! We hope that you will participate in our competition and spread the kindess that we all so desperately need.