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Moodnotes lets you document your entire experience with anxiety in all of its forms. Built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and positive psychology, this app lets you understand and take control over the entire experience of anxiety. From taking a picture of your face to visualize your mood and writing down your thoughts at the moment you begin feeling anxious, to reading educational materials that help you get out of the cycle of “thinking traps” that can keep you feeling anxious, there’s a wide range of techniques to choose from.

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Sleep, meditation, and relaxation are in your hands with Calm, another popular mindfulness app. These guided meditations are perfect for complete novices through seasoned practitioners, and you have your pick when it comes to how long you can dedicate to the app each day. Sleep is important for managing stress, but it’s also one of the first things to become problematic when you’re anxious. In addition to an assortment of daily meditations, Calm features nature sounds and sleep stories to help lull you into relaxed sleep.

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Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep App

Racing thoughts and ruminations are hallmarks of anxiety, but you can slow down, breathe deeply, and clear your thoughts with the gentle sounds and sights of nature in this app. From thunder and rain to crackling fires to bird sounds and more, there’s something for everyone. Set the app timer to listen while you gently drift off to sleep, or set one of the tracks as your morning alarm so you can start your day with a soothing sound.

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If you have anxiet, you’ve probably tried a breathing exercise or two to help calm yourself. The Breathwrk app takes the science of breathing exercises even further by curating a collection of breathing exercises based on your goal: falling asleep, feeling relaxed, feeling energized, and alleviating stress. The app walks you through how to do each exercise and can send you daily reminders to remember to…well, breathe.

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Anxiety relief Hypnosis

Whether you believe in hypnosis or not, this app is worth a shot because of its science-backed tools and techniques meant to help soothe your anxiety simply through audio experiences, including readings and pre-recorded sounds, designed to help relieve stress, anxiety, PTSD, and related symptoms like anger and OCD that may be exacerbated because of your anxiety.

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